Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Dancer

I've been working since fourteen years old. That's twenty-six years (for those who are counting) of picking up a very wide variety of skills. People skills, cooking skills, patience, budgeting, cleaning skills, resourcefulness, computer skills, design, how to serve. In my humble opinion, that last one is the most important skill acquired in those twenty-six years.

Some I'll never use again, others I use everyday. I haven't mucked out a stall in several years, scraped the scales off a harvest of catfish or slung drinks to rowdy patrons, but I do appreciate that skills such as those, are the foundation to my 'everything else.'

When I first started my business, Sundog Marketing and Design a few (mere!) months ago, my plan, my goal, was clear. To provide top-notch local SEO and graphic services to small businesses in the state.

That vision is evolving....

I have had the privilege to serve a few women, much like myself, that aspire to something greater...independence. Starting a new business can be downright scary, so it's comforting to have a helping, steady hand and a cheerleader, ('HELL YES, you can do this. Now here's your homework').

I'm not sure what else to call it, so I'll go with 'Start-up Coaching,' is providing an energy that's transcending all of my work. From creating their new logo, building those first business cards to setting up a shiny new Google Plus Local page, as each puzzle piece falls into place, the excitement and worry and 'ohmygodIamreallydoingthis' becomes a sense of accomplishment, pride. I have become an excellent 'happy dancer.'